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The UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills in 2017

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Full stack web development

Web developers design, build and maintain websites and web applications to meet their client's needs. It's a challenging, lucrative and creative role, offering work opportunities around the world.

If you want a varied job and can find innovative ways to solve problems, this could be the perfect career for you.

Our full stack developer training will get you job ready in just 12 weeks

A career in web development offers:

  • An engaging and lucrative role
  • A secure working future due to the growing demand for trained professionals
  • The possibility to work freelance
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Huge job satisfaction

With junior developer roles starting at £30,000 and progressing to £65,000+ as a senior developer, you’ll never feel undervalued as a coder.

Coders are sometimes thought of as introverts that prefer their own company, the reality couldn’t be more different. Web development is a collaborative process and requires interaction with other team members and clients to make sure their needs are met.

The ability to communicate effectively with your team and explain concepts in simpler terms to those who aren’t as technically minded as you will make you a talented developer.

Learning to code is a continuous process because the technology is always changing and to stay ahead of the game you need to be committed to change. If you crave learning new things and love the satisfying feeling when you've ticked a task off your list, then this is the role for you.

Learning code is like learning any other language, with tangible results of progression.

After enrolling on to our Code Institute training you will be taken on an accelerated contextualised learning path.

The full stack development training is extremely practical, hands on and delivered by industry experts. You will learn through a series of immersive projects and real world applications, supported by online tutorials, mentors, webinars and workshops.

We’ll teach you how to kickstart your coding career, how to find the right job and introduce you to recruiters and employers, ensuring that you have the very best chance of developing your career as a software developer.

There are many doors open to a web developer – you could end up working for a large company, a smaller specialist consultancy, or even go freelance, so the salary will vary based on who you’re working for, the experience you have under your belt and how certified you are.

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