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Software development has seen an increase in employment of 32%

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All companies require software developers to solve computing problems with executable programs.

Software development programming involves analysis and the resolution of problems resulting in an algorithm, verification of requirements and implementation through coding in the most suitable coding language - such as C# and Java.

The outcome of software programming is to formulate a sequence of instructions that automate computer performance.

IT jobs will grow 22% by 2020.

A natural software developer exhibits curiosity, possesses clear thinking skills, good communication ability, high reading speeds, close comprehension, pays attention to detail, is quick to learn, is passionate and can be a self learner.

Like the software they must deliver, all good developers must:

  • Be reliable – fulfils a requirement every time
  • Be robust – can anticipate and respond to problems without fuss
  • Easy to work with – works with others at ease even if thrown something unexpected
  • Flexibility – must be able to work across different systems
  • Adaptability – must run with the rapid evolution of computers and the projects they work on
  • Efficient – finds ways to use resources as efficiently as possible

A career in software development is a cumulative process whereby your skills build up over time and through professional certifications.

Developing your knowledge in your core area through experience and certification will lead to work in the field.

Junior developer - This role focuses on simple scripts, and preliminary understanding of databases and application services.

Senior developer - This role is about writing more complex applications and working around apps.

Lead developer or architect - The next stage would be to develop a successful structure for software projects and leading colleagues underneath them.

Mid level manager - If an individual then preferred a client facing role and enjoyed leading a team, keeping track of work streams and focussing on features and product enhancements, they become a mid level manager.

Senior leader - The top level of a software development career involves leading other managers and inspiring the workforce to focus on the project.

To be a software developer you must first make a decision about what type of programming you want to work in:

  • Web
  • Desktop application – operating system – OS – oriented or platform dependant
  • Distributed applications
  • Framework/platform
  • System
  • Programming science

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